So I've been saying "Really?!" quite a bit lately. It has become my new favorite phrase.

I was driving home at the beginning of November; I mean it was the 2nd or 3rd day of the month. Halloween had just happened. Some idiot down the street from me had already put up their freakin' Christmas lights and had them turned on.

Really?! First, I cursed in my car at this house with lights blasting before we've even had Veterans' Day. Then I rolled my window down and yelled at the house.

"Christmas lights already? Really?! Losers!!!"

A male voice, probably the dad who had just completed this masterpiece, responded with a nasily, "Get a job."

I cracked up laughing. I've got a job bro. That's why I'm not out putting up Christmas lights on a freakin' Wednesday.

In the rush to get to Christmas, Veterans' Day is lost in the shuffle. The Christmas decorations for each town go up on the light poles first then a flag is tossed in front, possibly, as an after thought. At least, that's what O'Fallon, IL did this year. Thanksgiving is irrelevant. It's now the day before Black Friday.

I'm as guilty as the next person of loving a good exhausting Black Friday day of shopping. But what is it with all these pre-Black Friday sales? Really?! It has gotten completely out of control. As of this writing, I have declared that I probably won't even go out for Black Friday this year. Never thought I would say something so shocking but it's true. Nothing is peaking my interest. I'll just stay in and save my money. Really.