It's worse than I thought


My latest cell phone bill is elevated more than just a couple of bucks so I decided to call up Verizon. I was going to rip them a new butthole because clearly they've messed up my bill. Can you hear me now?! Yeah, thought so.

Well turns out that the extra expenses were due to voracious texting. I wasn't on the unlimited plan but my text limit was 250 a month and I had been going over that the past few months. I explain to the Verizon customer service agent that this isn't entirely my fault...I have a lot of idiots texting me non-stop. He tries to upsell me on the next texting plan for $5 more a month. This would increase my texting allowance to 500 per month. I politely resist. If I could just get control of all those idiots that are sending me texts then I wouldn't have this problem.
It's not me, it's them. Clearly, I'm not the one out of control. No, sir. The agent just goes "Uh, huh" and continues to provide rational logic on why I should upgrade. I give in. Resistance is futile.

On the bright side the rep was able to get me on a lower data feed plan which will save me money and bring my bill down lower than it was before. I guess Verizon isn't so bad after all... Lowering my bill so that I have room to upgrade my -- you guessed it --- texting plan in the near future.