Go Yankees!


My beloved Yankees have made it past the Twins to face the Angels in the ALCS. I love October for a number of reasons...the leaves change colors, Halloween, the temperature cools down, and postseason baseball. This is the time of year where I almost lose my voice screaming at the television. I was hoping for a Yankees/Cardinals world series but it was not to be. The Cards got run over by the Dodgers. I was thinking the other night how interesting it would be for the Yanks and Dodgers to square off in the WS since Joe Torre is their ex-manager. It would be an awkward match up but definitely one for the ages. Nobody knows what the Yankees are going to do or can do like Joe Torre. It reminds of a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode where Captain Picard is captured by the Borg and his 2nd in command is forced to square off against him. Whereas Picard had written the proverbial "book" on the Enterprise, the second in command was not successful until he threw that book away and wrote a new one. I hope you're reading this Joe Girardi.

As for the Yankees' arch nemesis, the Boston Red Sox, they're out of contention. Perhaps if they raised their children a little bit better they would have lasted longer in the post season. The picture below is disgraceful.