What the hell is with people?

I don’t know what is going on but everybody seems to be losing their minds.

Congressman Wilson abandons any form of decorum to yell “You lie!” at our nation’s president. Serena Williams flips out on a line judge at match point and tells her “I’m going to shove this f*ckin’ tennis ball down your throat”. Kanye West interrupts a teenager’s acceptance speech at the VMAs. It’s all so classless. I don’t know Wilson from a whole in the ground and I’ve never been a fan of Serena Williams. In my opinion, she is just too damn hefty to be running around on that tennis court. What the heck is she eating? As for Kanye, he does things for attention because his music is insufficient to carry his career.

Hey I just realized all three of these people have last names that end in “W”. Wilson, Williams, and West. Hmm. Is this coincidence? I think not. Wait...my name ends in “W”. Am I next to lose my freakin’ mind?!

Then on Friday, I just about fell out of my chair when I got a text from a friend that said Jeff Hardy had been arrested. Apparently the police found 200+ Vicodin, 100+ Soma pills, half a liter of steroids, and other drug paraphernalia. It was just a few weeks ago that I praised Jeff Hardy in this very blog for leaving WWE in outstanding fashion and thanking him for everything. WTF? He’s innocent until proven guilty but the cards seem a little stacked against him. Jeff’s previous drug issues are well documented. Furthermore, he is being charged for some serious felonies this time around to include trafficking.

I don’t take back any of my words from my previous Jeff Hardy blog but at this point I’m disappointed that he is once again involved in some drug-related drama no more than two weeks after going on hiatus from WWE.