We're in!

Wow, I haven't blogged since March. Not good. I promise to do better and besides I have so much to say.

I got word on Tuesday that my silent film,
And Seven Hours Later has been accepted into the St. Louis Filmmaker's Showcase. It will screen at the Tivoli on July 21st at 7PM. For more info, visit Cinema St. Louis here. I am pleased to be included in the showcase this year after being rejected last year...but I'm not bitter about that still. Honest.

What else....I am still hard at work on my inauguration documentary. I will admit that I put it on the back burner for a time but I'm going to try like heck to get the piece completed by end of June. I spent all day in front of my computer today working on it as a matter of fact.

Summer tip - I learned this when I was visiting NY a few weeks ago. McDonald's has sweet tea for a $1 and it aint' bad. Matter of fact, it comes in a large size cup and will definitely quench your thirst on a typical hot-ass St. Louis day.

While I was home in NY, I visited the new stadium. It is completely gorgeous. The big screen monitor in centerfield is so clear that I would rather watch it than watch real life. Here are some pics:




DELTA (Don't Expect Luggage To Arrive) managed to misplace my bag on a direct flight from St. Louis to JFK. How this happened to me and about eight other people still boggles my mind. I will never fly that airline again. At the Yankees game, some little bastard kids swiped my Rodriguez T-shirt that I'd bought from the Yankees store. The Yankees ticket management folks then gave me the run around when I was trying to contact the season ticket holder behind me about his kids grabbing the shirt that didn't belong to them. First, Simone said she would help but when I called back she backed off helping and copped an attitude. Then I tried to talk to the supervisor but he wasn't in so I got Stan who promised the supervisor would call me back but I never got a phone call. Typical NY nonsense and heffers like Simone just don't care. What's funny is that at the new stadium, they have all these employees walking around with signs saying "I'm here to help". Um, Nice try but I really don't think so.