Hello World!

While I was purchasing additional domain names today, I decided to check out the stats for this site. Turns out people are actually visiting -- much to my surprise. Some of the countries blew my mind...Morocco, Egypt, Romania. You may have arrived accidentally but you're hear nonetheless. Welcome.

This blog is just going to be some random thoughts as I have no real purpose or insightful message.

While I was driving today, a man whizzed passed me on his motorcycle. The back of his T-Shirt flapped in the wind. It would have been nothing to take notice of only the T-shirt blew up to reveal his large butt crack. Old boy must have felt the breeze because he kept trying to pull his shirt down to no avail. For a second I thought he might cause an accident due to his preoccupation with his plumber's crack on the interstate. Then I would have had to pull over and be a witness to the event and try to explain it all to the police.

I used Strap Perfect for the first time today. Its one of those $19.99 TV gadgets where you can prevent your bra straps from showing under your tank top straps. I must say, it worked for me as advertised. I only paid $14.99 for it though at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

I create this blog on a Mac using a program called Rapidweaver, which I really like. If you have a Mac, don't buy a program called Garage Sale Basic. I just wasted 40 minutes of my life with it and it failed to list my eBay auction. Wound up doing it the old fashioned way. I'm a bit of a hybrid computer freak. I have both a PC and 2 Macs in my home. One day I'll be totally Mac though. The PC is 5 years old and I keep it because there's so much stuff on it and I like Outlook. I know, I know. I could run Microsoft Office on an Intel based mac but I just don't want to contaminate my macs just yet.

Speaking of Mac....I visit
www.dealmac.com everyday. It's a great site that finds the best daily deals on the internet not just for Macs but for all sorts of electronics. I also check out MacUpdate daily for the latest 24 hour software deal (www.mupromo.com).

Little Caesars is the come back story of the year. I remember when those places were going out of business. Now with that $5 pizza deal, you can't beat it. Everyone I've talked to likes that $5 pizza.

I'm not going to join Twitter. I really don't want people to know when I'm not home. They will rob me. I know this sort of thing has already happened. Twitter taps into everyone's deepest desire to be a celebrity and have tons of people interested in what they are doing. Speaking of celebrities...

Really A-Rod? Kate Hudson?! Really?! (Insert roll of the eyes here.)

There's a local radio show called Absolute Wrestling Radio that I listen to on the weekends. Mark and Andy are the hosts. I've never met either of them in person but a few nights ago I had a dream that Mark and Andy were getting out of a car and walking into a residential home. Pretty uneventful except for the fact that Andy was wearing a
large-sized diaper and nothing else! That was the end of the dream (I swear) but what in the blazes does it mean if I'm dreaming about a man that I've never met and he's wearing an adult diaper?!

Speaking of dreams...

DSC_3578 DSC_3589

Congratulations to Jeff Hardy on winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship last Sunday. Jeff has been chasing that title for half the year so it's so good to finally see him get it. The true champion has been restored. About 18 months ago, this man lost everything he owned including his dog in a sudden house fire. During that same time frame, he was serving a suspension from the WWE for a wellness policy violation. A lesser man would have packed it in and called it quits. But Jeff fought back to be the top guy in WWE and win the two biggest singles titles in the wrestling business. We all make mistakes and noone is perfect. But the true measure of a man is how he reacts when the chips are down and how he picks himself up after the fall. Say what you want about Jeff Hardy: he's a screw-up, he's a drugee, he's weird. To me, he's simply, my hero.