What I'm watching

Game 3 of the World Series is in a rain delay so I figured I'd get a little blogging in. This world series has got me so stressed out its unreal. The morning after the Yanks lost in game one, I awoke to hearing voices of Philly fans laughing in my head. I'm pretty sure it was real. I think my worthless neighbors were having an all night party. I'm positive I didn't imagine it. The tarp is coming off in Philly so hopefully there will be 9 innings of baseball tonight.

The World Series has consumed my television viewing but there are 3 shows that I try not to miss but I think the rest of the world is.



It's back for its 4th season which is a milestone I never thought a quality show like this would reach. DirectTV is currently premiering it on its 101 network with NBC scheduled to run this season in the spring. In all honesty, season one was brilliant but the show faltered in season two with a manslaughter sub-plot where all the main characters got off without a hitch. Season 3 was good and basically seemed to encourage the viewing audience to forget about the missteps taken by the writing staff in season 2. Last night I watched the first episode of season 4 and I felt like the show had returned back to its original form. The show's creator, Peter Berg, directed the premiere which helps and it appear as if Derek Jeter's latest squeeze, Minka Kelly, has been written off the show. Way to date a chick that's unemployed Derek. I, on the other hand, actually have a job...but I digress.

Our favorite and sexiest high school football coach ever in the history of television, Eric Taylor, has been forced to take a job coaching the less funded and far less athletically talented East Dillon Lions due to revised district lines. So Coach Taylor is wearing new colors, has a new team of nobodies, and has to rebuild from the ground up. There are new characters and the show just feels reborn. Taylor Kitsch is still hanging around as Tim Riggins and I'm sure he'll be helping Coach Taylor whip the Lions into shape.


Kyle Chandler, who plays Coach Taylor along with Connie Britton, who plays his onscreen wife have been overlooked by the emmys since the show began. It boggles the mind. These two put on an acting clinic week after week. Even when the writing was uneven, these two kept the show grounded in reality.

See it - DirectTV 101 network, 8 PM CST/9 PM EST on Wednesdays with replays throughout the week.

The Phillies truly suck. I'm also watching....



God bless the guys at Rescue Ink. These are a group of tattooed, muscled up tough guys who roam Long Island and New York City helping animals in need. I've been watching this show for several weeks and I've watched these guys chase chickens, find homes for cats, rehabilitate pitbulls, educate owners, stake out a bad breeder and most importantly save animals from euthanasia. Dogs that seem too aggressive for society, they find someone to train them. Cats that were crammed in a hoarders home, they find someone to vaccinate them and hold an adoption fair. Your dog needs to be neutered? Here they come. They know guys that know guys.

Headquartered out of Long Beach, NY, the show roams some familiar areas where I grew up. Last episode, they actually went to an animal shelter in my hometown of Freeport.

See it - National Geographic Channel, 9 PM CST/10 PM EST on Fridays

The Phillies and their fans can all drop dead. Finally, I don't miss....



We all have too much crap but the individuals featured on A&E's Hoarders have mental hang-ups where they can't get seem to get rid of anything. I've been known to hoard clothing but these people are so sick that they'll hoard rotted food, old buses, tools, even cats. It is unbelievable how bad these people let their homes get. They can't even physically move from room to room. One husband caused his wife (or was it the other way around) to fall down the stairs because he had hoarded so much stuff on the staircase. Everyone on the show has extreme hoarding issues to the point where they've lost custody of their kids, are about to be evicted, or some other legal action is threatened. So its clean up your crap or else.

My favorite episode so far has been the one with the lady that was hoarding rotted food in her kitchen. It was so bad that flies were hovering in her kitchen and sticking to a fly strip. I think this episode reairs next Monday on A&E at 9 PM CST/10 PM EST.

See it - Hoarders Season 2 Premiere, Monday Nov 30th 9 PM CST/ 10 PM EST.

Werth and Utley need to be strangled. It's top of the 3rd.