I was driving home after a gas station stop the other day when it finally dawned on me that I have a new addiction. It's pretty serious. I thought it couldn't happen to me. Other people will succumb but certainly not me.

For a while I was hooked on peanuts in the shells. It got so bad that I was stealing a handful here and there from the grocery store. My car would swerve all over the road as I attempted to crack the peanut shells while driving. But I've managed to get my peanut addiction under control. I'm now metering intake. My latest addiction is texting.

"It's for pre-teen little girls," I said. I'm not going to get into that. If I have something to say then I'll just pick up the phone and say it. I got a blackberry back in 2008 and told myself that I would just use it to email.
I don't do texts. I kept myself on the most basic text plan. I would pay the $.10 or $.15 per text because I don't get that many texts and I sure as hell ain't sending any. Well, people kept sending me texts and the charges started to add up. I would respond here and there but nothing crazy. I decided to get on the unlimited texts package. Seemed practical enough and it's only $5 a month. Makes sense. People keep blowing up my phone with these text messages so might as well.

Fast forward to this week and I can barely get in and out of the Shell station without firing off a few text messages. I fire off a few before I go inside to the gym, I send my sister texts about a T.V. show that I'm watching, anytime there's a meet up with people, my ass is now texting.

I noticed the other day that my thumbs are moving faster now than ever. Some sort of muscle memory, they know where the letters are. It used to be just a handful of texts a it's 20, 30 a day. Instead of cracking peanuts while driving, I'm trying to send a text while driving. Things have spiraled out of control so quickly. How did this happen? I don't want to call you, it's too time consuming. You'll get a text.