Star Wars - The Holiday Special

So it's a Sunday morning and there's tons for me to try to get, laundry, yard work, etc. I see Sarah Silverman on the CBS Sunday Morning Show and she mentions some clip that she did a while back called "I'm f*@king Matt Damon" that got a tremendous amount of YouTube hits. Having never seen the clip, I dart to my computer to watch. Well, that YouTube is a slippery slope. I get on there with the intention of watching the Matt Damon clip and that's it. I'm going to watch this thing and then get back to my life. Oh, but Jimmy Kimmel made a response to Sarah's video called "I'm f*@king Ben Affleck" so then I've got to watch that. Much to my surprise, Harrison Ford is in the Ben Affleck clip and that causes me to search for Harrison Ford on YouTube. Did you know Harrison Ford played a principal in E.T. but the scene got cut? I have every intention of backing away from my mouse and getting on with my Sunday duties until YouTube, as a result of my Harrison Ford search, links me to...Star Wars - The Holiday Special.

Somebody uploaded this thing in 10 parts because when it originally aired on CBS back in 1978 it was a 2 hour special. It follows the typical variety style format of the 70's. The general plot is that Chewbacca must get back to his home planet in time for "Life Day" with his family. I say general plot because along the way there is singing, dancing, and an all around hot mess. It is the worst pile of hell and an abomination in the Star Wars Universe. To sum up: Harvey Korman appears in drag, Diahann Carroll sings a song for no apparent reason as does Jefferson Starship, there's random dancing and I seem to recall a circus act; Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford make cameos. I know that Mark Hamill had a car accident shortly after A New Hope but they had his eyeliner and/or mascara caked on in this thing. The show also shamelessly rips off John Williams's score. Poor Carrie Fisher is forced to sing a "Life Day" song to the melody of the Star Wars Theme. What in the hell is this?! An Episode 4 montage is thrown in at the end just for the hell of it. Why not?

And just when I think this train wreck could not possibly get any worse...Bea Arthur sasses up the Mos Eisley Cantina and breaks out into song. So if you could remotely forgive the crappy set design, bad special effects, listless plot....
there's no forgiving a Golden Girl singing in a wretched hive of scum and villiany. The only saving graces for me were the cartoon that introduces Boba Fett and seeing an old Kenner commercial for Star Wars toys. Is Kenner even still around?

From the credits I easily see that George Lucas had little to do with this monstrosity. The CBS executives ran wild with his creation. No wonder the man so fiercely guards all things Star Wars to this day. In the credits, I saw "Costume Designer - Bob Mackie". Is this the same Bob Mackie who now peddles his stuff on QVC and designs Emmy dresses for Eva Longoria? If it's one and the same, then this man's career should have died with this thing.

Jedi-mind trick time,

You don't need to see The Star Wars Holiday Special.
This isn't the Holiday Special you're looking for.
You can go about your business.
Move along....move along.

Go find Linus and a sorry looking Christmas tree and watch that instead.