Highway Robbery at the Golden Globes

Just watched the Golden Globes and apparently James Cameron is the king of the world...again. Well Kathryn Bigelow was robbed of the best director award and her film "The Hurt Locker" was robbed of best picture. You heard me -- robbed. The Hollywood foreign press got this year all wrong. I can only hope the Oscars fare better for "Hurt Locker" than the Golden Globes did. I haven't seen Avatar. I'm sure it's a fine film but I can't imagine any film last year being better than Kathryn Bigelow's "Hurt Locker".

And seriously, "Glee" won best comedy series?! Over "The Office" and over "30 Rock"? "Glee" may be hot now but I look at it the same way I look at other shows like "Ugly Betty", "Lost" and "Heroes". The fan base is short-lived and the writing team is unable to sustain the gimmick more than a season or two.