The real problem with healthcare

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Our nation's healthcare system is foremost on everyone's minds at this point and everyone is in a flat-out panic about Obama's new policy. But my recent health issues have really opened my eyes to what the true problem is in healthcare. It's not the insurance companies and it's not the cost -- it's competence. I can't find a competent doctor to figure out what is wrong with me. At this point I would pay $10,000 to get an accurate diagnosis from a doctor. First it could be gallstones, then it could be ulcers, or maybe its allergies...did you knuckleheads go to medical school?! So I have more tests coming up. Fine, whatever. The only thing my nit-wit family practitioner knew was that she wanted to put me on blood pressure medication.

That's the medical profession's solution to everything these days. Pull out the pad and write a prescription. Don't think too much and over-medicate your patient. Treat the symptom and not the problem. I explain to her that I'm not going on blood pressure medication at 34 and that my high blood pressure is a
symptom of the other issues going on in my body. "Well, I'm sorry I don't have the answers you're looking for. I can refer you to a specialist," she says. Bitch, the answers I'm looking for should be the same ones you're looking for. Quit being so goddamned apathetic.

So I'm just mad as hell.

Just realized that this blog is getting really negative...