Lands' End

The Lands' End catalog came today. It comes to my house about once or twice a season. In my youth, which wasn't that long ago, my dad was an avid fan of Lands' End and the boxes and catalogs would come to our New York home every other week it seemed. Dad raved about how warm the coats were and how the boots kept his feet snug from the Manhattan wind. His praises for Lands' End fell on deaf ears. To me, it was a line of clothing for the geriatric.

Fast forward twenty years. In January 2008, Lands' End was having a sale. I could never resist a good sale so I gave the stuff a try. I bought a down coat (the slimmer kind) and matching weather-resistant, water-proof shoes. The coat and shoes came and they looked nice enough. I wore them a couple of times...they seem pretty good. The real test came on a freezing cold Sunday morning as I waited outside Circuit City for a Wii. There was a tip that they would have some for sale. After standing outside for over an hour and watching the 8 people in front of me in the Wii line shiver to death, it dawned on me. My down coat, even though thin, was keeping me completely warm. My toes were toasty.
The shoes were comfy like sneakers. Lands' End rules. I got the last Wii that Circuit City had that day as luck would have it.

So when the catalog came today in the mailbox, I couldn't wait to get it into the house and tear through the pages. Maybe I should get a new coat, some new shoes...or maybe a monogrammed tote. Look at the aviator hat...maybe I'll get that. So now I'm addicted to Lands' End. I was so impressed with my purchases last year that I can't wait to get more. I swore for years I would never become like my parents. I would never do the things that they do. I would never like the things that they liked. I was so full of it.