WWE RAW 8/17/09

Here are some screen captures from wwe.com of our night. The WWE photographer caught us in the crowd a couple of times. Thanks to a nifty program called Voila for the mac, I was able to screen capture these shots and add my own annotations.

Miz and us.png

Josh’s sign got on TV as did the sign I made for Kofi Kingston.

Swagger and us

So I’m booing the hell out of Jack Swagger and Nicole is taking pictures. Speaking of pictures, I brought my new camera with me and got a few decent shots. I’ll upload to a gallery later.

Orton and us

This one is fairly self explanatory. The WWE Champion Randy Orton is strongly disliked even in his hometown of St. Louis. When he came out earlier in the night, I yelled, “Orton you’re a greasy pig!” He then turned and looked me dead in my eye. Ooops. The second time he came out that night I kept my mouth shut.

**I feel the need to promote Voila a little bit. It took no time at all to get this done. For more info on Voila by Global Delight, click