Slanket vs Snuggie


All of you stop the madness. I have the Slanket in beige and love it. It is thick, warm, good quality and more importantly my cat likes to lay on it. Although it has lots of silly ads and is in every dime store, the Snuggie is an inferior product. You get what you pay for. Just because it and all the other knock-offs are everywhere does not mean that it's good.

Jesus Christ, right now there's an ad on tv for this thing called the Dreamie. They're implying that it's better than the Slanket or Snuggie because it covers your feet and you can actually sleep on the couch in it. And it's only $19.99.
What a deal.

These 'comfort blanket on your couch' wars have literally gotten out of control. Almost every place I went shopping on black friday had a version of the snuggie/slanket for sale. Please. I guess that's to be expected because mankind is basically living on their asses in front of their ridiculously huge high definition television sets. Apparently we aren't moving. So we need blankets with sleeves, blankets with foot pockets, blankets that will bring your lazy ass something to drink from the kitchen. Hell, apparently there's even a snuggie for dogs. Somebody is getting filthy rich off this racket. I just wish it were me.

I got my Slankets from
QVC, which saved me a little money, but you can also purchase directly from their website If you're going to lay around then you might as well have the best.