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I have been gluten free for one month. Some blood work came back that I have gluten intolerance tendencies so that was the "doctor's assistant's" diagnosis. Gluten-free (GF) has become my new way of life and at this point I just don’t see going back. Yes, it is more challenging to find gluten free options at restaurants. Yes, it is more time consuming to make my own gluten free bread. Yes, it is more expensive to buy gluten free pasta, bread, etc. But the positives, for me outweigh the negatives. My stomach pain has subsided. The scale is beginning to move in the right direction after weeks of struggling to budge it. I may be imagining it but even my vision seems to have improved. And I’m a lot less irritable. The new and improved “Gluten Free Lynelle” is slower to anger. Noticed I didn’t say slow, just slower.