American Airlines blows

american airlines logo

If you read my previous blog, you know I had a few issues with American Airlines on my trip to Hawaii. No free meals, TV monitor not working, limited beverage service, etc. Well, it got even worse on the return trip. After a 6 hour flight from Honolulu, the flight attendants start handing out orange juice in packaged cups. It was an overnight flight so I'm thinking, "Cool. This will wake me up a little since it's 4 AM." Come to find out the freakin' orange juice is frozen solid! How the hell does that happen? The passengers made the most of it and chewed on orange juice chunks. One old man even asked for a spoon from the flight attendant which he never eventually received. The flight attendants never apologized for handing out frozen juice and obviously they didn't pick up on the fact that people were viciously slurping to salvage some juice from the package. Apparently all those heifers had "get-home-itis" since we were 20 minutes out from Dallas and it was a Dallas based crew.

So, on to my connection from Dallas to St. Louis. We're almost boarded and one of the flight attendants begins yelling about people putting their bags in the overhead bin above row seven. Nobody is supposed to do that except the people occupying row seven even though they weren't there yet. The chic has a conniption. She makes passengers remove their bags from that overhead. Then two seconds later she says leave them there until the row 7 people show up. It's their fault they're not here already. Geesh. None of us need all this commotion at 7 AM lady. I turn to the guy to my left and say, "American ain't what it used to be." He nods his head in agreement.

At least the bastards didn't lose my bag so I guess that's something.