Vegas Insanity

So my trip to Vegas a few weeks ago got insane...literally. I knew that the Stratosphere Casino had 3 rides on top of it: The Big Shot (which I've been on before), X-Scream, and Insanity.
So my trip to Vegas a few weeks ago got insane...literally. I knew that the Stratosphere Casino had 3 rides on top of it: The Big Shot (which I've been on before), X-Scream, and Insanity. The minute I saw a picture of Insanity, I knew I wanted to ride it. The concept is sick. Let's dangle you over the side of the Stratosphere and spin you around all the while, looking down at the strip. I love a good thrill ride but would I be able to get any of my co-workers to get on this thing with me? Surprisingly, yes.

Here's a photo of the Stratosphere. It reminds me of the Seattle space needle.


It's November and there are no lines and it's a little chilly at the top of this thing. We get on Insanity first. Well, as soon as I get strapped in, I notice that the individuals operating the ride look like they're 12 years old. Not cool. This ain't the Tea cup ride at Six Flags. I'm dangling over the freakin' edge here. Where's the adult supervision?! I mention this observation to my friend Rob but all he can do is comment about the helicopter flying below us. I'm not looking at that bro. For a split second, I think maybe I should get off the ride but I don't want to be that girl.

So the ride starts and what is totally freaky is having the metal platform under you at the start and then slowly having it slide away from you until you are looking straight down at cars, streets, trees, hookers, gamblers, etc. As the ride starts spinning, I think to myself, "This is stupid. You could die right here and you paid them for it." I scream like a little girl on this thing. Rob yells out, "I think we're going faster!" Um, yeah and I think they have let this thing go way longer than the other people's rides were. I make the mistake of looking down a couple of times. It felt like a bad movie where someone got tossed out of an airplane and was spiraling to their death. No more looking down. Grip handlebars for dear life.


At last the crazy son-of-a bitch ride comes to a stop. The platform is back under my feet but I cannot stop laughing due to adrenaline, nerves, or the fact that I almost died. Here's a video of the ride taken from above.

The video doesn't really convey how fast this thing really wound up spinning. The next ride we got on was X-Scream. I don't have a good picture of it but you sit in a roller coaster type seat that shoots you downward over the side of the building, pulls you back, then repeats a few times. There's a surprise dip pointing you 60 degrees towards the ground in the middle of it all to shake things up. Surprise, surprise. More screaming like a little girl.

The last ride is Big Shot. As I mentioned, I've been on this thing before but it was many years ago and in the daytime. As soon as we get strapped in, Rob points out yet another helicopter scooting past
below us. Great. The Vegas skyline is beautiful from this high up but this is a ride like Superman where you know its coming but you're not sure when. When the thing finally went off, I felt like an astronaut just sort of floating in space. I was totally out of my seat just hanging on to the headrest. The ride bounces up and down a handful of times. I managed to get out a couple of yelps on this thing but nothing like the yelling I was doing on Insanity.

My co-worker asked me would I do these rides again. I'm not sure. I would feel a hell of a lot better if they were operated by non-teenagers preoccupied with the latest text message and when the next Twilight movie comes out. Afterwards I decided to get a commemorative T-shirt from the gift shop. The cashier working behind the counter blurts out, "I don't get on those rides. They're run by little kids!" If only you'd told me this sooner.