Tax-Free Shopping Weekend

Yesterday I took advantage of the tax free shopping weekend in Missouri. I didn’t mean to stay out all day running from mall to mall and driving myself to the brink of exhaustion. It just sort of happened. Tax free weekend and Black Friday are two of the biggest shopping events of the year. If you can hang on these days then you are an elite shopper. Here are my personal highs and lows from the day:


  • Scoring an Empire Strikes Back T-Shirt from Old Navy
  • Paying for 3 bras when I really had 4 ~ Gotta love those check out girls that don’t pay attention
  • The secret spot where I found Lands’ End merchandise drastically marked down ~ I could tell you where it is but then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore. Needless to say I loaded up on stuff for winter for both me and my dad. Reference my earlier blog here.
  • The bath I took at the end of the day to soak my aching muscles ~ Those shopping bags were heavy and I was moving fast. Plus I did a tough weight workout the day before.


  • Large girls in way too small shorts ~ It was everywhere! Ladies, stop it. You know who you are...and no, you do not look good in them. Period.
  • People walking too slow ~ It’s tax free weekend! Move your ass! There’s a lot of ground to cover.
  • People walking too slow with strollers ~ The amount of strollers is out of control. In the mall it felt like an obstacle course just to get around all these things. And people always want to stop their stroller in the most inconvenient location it seems.
  • Express and Gap Outlet ~ Both let me down. I didn’t get anything from either and normally those are my “go-to” stores.
  • Lack of mall directories in the Chesterfield and St. Louis Mills Malls ~ Maybe I was moving too fast and didn’t see any of them but I doubt it. I guess the fat heffers in the daisy dukes don’t need the directories but I don’t come to these malls that often so I could have used some help.
  • The Jimmy John’s sandwich shop in Bridgeton is apparently only open on weekdays ~ This caused me to go an additional hour or so without food until I happened upon a Quizno’s.
  • Quizno’s has changed their damn menu ~ They took my favorite prime rib sandwich off the menu and it’s 9 PM and I’m starving. I get the cheesesteak sandwich instead but it is not nearly as good as the prime rib. The bread seemed harder too and it irritated the roof of my mouth. Just when I was starting to become a regular at Quizno’s...
  • Dropping a snickerdoodle cookie between my car seats ~ Famished and trying to race into Best Buy, my last stop of the night, I dropped a cookie in between my passenger seat and the center console. Why is it every time I drop a food item in the car it has to fall into the most unreachable place imaginable?! I just vacummed the car a few weeks ago. I abandoned the cookie crumbs after spending ten minutes trying to get it out.

Now this may look like there are more lows than highs but behold the fruits of my labor below:


I live for this. I am a one woman stimulus package.