Midway Review

Been too busy to blog. Here we are now in June and I’m midway through 2011. Let me summarize the key events so far this year.

  • I destroyed my “life” on facebook. I lost all my teeth, wrecked my car, burned down my house due to a basement meth lab, ran off to Vegas and married a 21 year old male stripper named Ryan. He and I are in the midst of a divorce. Anyone who actually knows me would laugh this off and know that these events were all an embellishment of my imagination. Friends know me. My fundamental beef with facebook is that damned left hand column that shows you how many friends you have; that friend number that just keeps increasing…those people are not your friends. Friendship is hard; and it doesn’t or shouldn’t come easy. And what kind of an asshole actually counts how many friends they have? I highly recommend that everyone on FB watch a documentary called “Catfish”. It will open your eyes to the fact that people are not being true on this thing. They are letting us see what they want us to see. I for one have had enough. If you have something to say to me, this is where I’ll be. If you’re a friend from the distant past (e.g. high school, college) and you haven’t contacted me by now then let’s face reality. You’re never gonna and vice versa. And you know what?...that’s okay. We don’t all need to be tied to the hip until we’re six feet under. Speaking of which…does the number of FB friends you acquire get carved into your tombstone when it’s all said and done? Is that the measuring stick of a worthwhile life? I think not.
  • I had a major fork in the road of life that I had to resolve earlier this year. I applied to Columbia University’s MFA in film directing program last December. To my surprise, I got called for an interview in March and then offered acceptance a few weeks later. The program only takes 46 students a year and something along the lines of 750 people or so apply so I was really honored to be accepted. I agonized for weeks. Stay here or go back to NY. Stay here or go back. On one particular day I would have my mind made up…I’m going. Then the next day, I would do a 180. I don’t wish this type of decision purgatory on anyone. In the end, I decided not to attend Columbia. When it came right down to it and I’d made my pros and cons list, there were more cons than pros. The biggest con of all being accruing financial debt. Something I am keenly averse to. So instead of going into debt, I decided to refocus my energies. My goal is to complete the Columbia curriculum basically on my own. Granted I can’t take every class or attend every seminar but they graduate with a 3-5 minute film, an 8-12 minute film, a 20 minute thesis film and feature length screenplay. Along with 100K or so in debt. If I could do all that minus the debt then I will be a happy woman. I’ve already gotten a jump on the first requirement which brings me to #3.
  • In the midst of bellyaching about whether or not to abandon the Midwest for NY, I started casting and putting together a crew for my next short. It was actually a helpful distraction. After 3 painful nights of shooting, I got the film edited and submitted to the St. Louis Filmmaker’s Showcase. It’s called “But It Was Going So Well” and is 6 minutes long. The Showcase is in August this year instead of July. The piece will screen in the comedic shorts block starting at 9:30pm on Sunday, August 14th. I’m anxious to see how an audience responds to the film since what’s funny to me is not always funny to other people. Regardless of the reception, I learned a lot by doing and the cast/crew worked very hard under some less than ideal conditions.
  • As a result of my casting notice on craigslist, I got into a heated email battle. I may post some of it below. This chick set it off and of course I responded nastily. Then it seemed like I was getting multiple responses from different people. I started to notice different tones, spelling errors, and fonts in the messages. It was like some sort of craigslist fight club. I would email something and then it seemed to go to an inbox where several people could read it and respond. I didn’t care. As per usual, I take on all comers.
  • I’ve been playing tennis regularly. I even went to a weekend tennis camp at the University of Illinois a few weekends ago. I can’t remember the last time I was so sore. I even got blisters on my feet. What is this? Basic training?!