Inauguration Part 2 - The vomit

After the port-o-pottie debacle, there were several hours to kill before show time. The Inauguration folks were nice enough to replay the Inauguration concert from a few days prior. This kept the natives from getting too restless. I managed to get some shots of the crowd. Hopefully I’ll get to review my footage here in the coming weeks.


Kim and I were standing watching the jumbotron when she nudges me. “Hey, look out,” she says pointing behind me. Some guy had just randomly vomited about one foot from our blanket behind us. Just what we needed. The crowd was already beginning to smell like one big, giant fart, now we can add the aroma of vomit on top of it. A couple of ladies in the vicinity of the “accident” initially made faces but then rolled up their sleeves to solve the crisis. They threw dirt on top of the vomit and borrowed some newspapers from Kim to cover it up. They stood on the newspapers and trampled the vomit into the earth. I guess this reflects the overall mood for the day. Shit happens, adapt, and keep it moving.

The oath botching sort of took the wind out of everyone's sails temporarily, I must admit. We all sort of scratched our heads like “WTF?”. But President Obama’s speech managed to pull everyone back in.

Here’s what disappointed me the most. People started leaving before the entire ceremony was over. What kind of a classless moron are you to start walking to leave during the National Anthem?! And by the way, where the hell do you think you’re actually going to go?! There’s over a million people out here. Stupid idiots. I was flabbergasted by the disrespect. You’ve waited hour after hour and you can’t stand there another 15 minutes until the ceremony is concluded? Please. Kim and I stayed put as best we could until basically people kept walking into us.

When there was room to move, we eventually tried to follow the crowd and exit. This was extremely slow going. Move a little, bottleneck. Move some more, get stuck, push. Miraculously we got funneled to what I’ll call “Vendors row”. These guys were selling all kinds of stuff. A lot of it was overpriced and of poor quality. Neither one of us bought anything.

I've got one more installment left. I still need to cover how Kim and I disgraced ourselves in the Air and Space Museum. If you want to see all my pictures from that weekend, visit my website for the documentary I've posted all the pics there.