A Dear John Letter

Dear John,

Today you will lose. It is time for us to face the reality of the situation. It is over. I tried to make things work. I tried to compromise and meet you half-way but it was not meant to be. As an independent, I listened to both sides. I watched both conventions. I educated myself. I tried to see things your way. I stayed with you as long as I could until
she came along. Until I saw Sarah Palin not answer one single question during the VP debate. Joe Biden wiped the floor with her and all she could offer were sweeping generalities and ridiculous snarls on her face.

What were you thinking? John, if you needed a running-mate then you should have come down here to Southwest Illinois and just picked me. We could have run away into the sunset with this thing. I could have not only gotten you the female vote but also the African-American vote. If you wanted someone younger and female then the choice was clear…me. I have solid credentials: a degree from the Air Force Academy, military experience, I’ve travelled the globe. And I certainly can think better on my feet than that vacant shell, Sarah Palin. You were so quick to try and capture the “mommy vote” that you forgot about the “single-chick” vote. Add in the fact that I have a cat, and we would have run away with this thing. The single-female with cat contingent would have been huger than the hockey moms. Instead you went with someone average, someone mediocre. Someone who I positively know is not a better woman than I. The only thing she has me beat on is the number of times she’s pushed out off-spring from her uterus. Palin - 5, me - 0.

You missed out, John. We could have been good together. You tried to pull a fast one by picking her. You thought no one would dig too far beneath the surface to discover she’s a ditz and all the angry Hillary fans would come flocking to you. Not so. The plan back-fired big time and all the while you could have been with me.

So no hard feelings, we can be adults about this. Both of us should just move on. Besides, I've sort of got eyes for someone new now.

Go get em' Senator Obama! Give those fools hell.